Vestibular Surgery

Lengthening upper and lower jaws after premature tooth loss.

Vestibular lengthening, or vestibular surgerySometimes after tooth loss a patient may experience their upper and lower jaws shrinking in size. This is more common following the premature loss of teeth.

This condition can cause a number of problems for the patient, both functional and cosmetic:

  • Shrinking upper and lower jaws can make it hard or impossible to fit most dental prostheses, including complete dentures
  • A diminished jaw height can alter a person’s facial structure and, ultimately, their physical appearance

The Vestibular Surgery Procedure

A vestibular surgery procedure typically begins with the administration of a general anesthetic to the patient.

The periodontists will then reposition the soft tissues to lengthen the vestibule – the area between the lip and teeth. Additional tissue may be taken from the patient’s palate.

A successful vestibular lengthening will allow for maintenance of the exposed jaw and will also provide a more durable and secure surface for a denture or other prosthesis.

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