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If you are one of the 70 million people in the United States missing some or all of your teeth, it’s important to know you are not alone. Millions of people with missing or extracted teeth struggle with confidence and the overall functionality of their teeth. If you’ve done your research in the industry of cosmetic dentistry, you would have found that many procedures can help replace a missing teeth. If you’re looking to upgrade not only the aesthetics of your smile but also the strength and functionality of your teeth and bite, then perhaps dental implants may be your solution.

Dental implants are regarded as the best option for replacing missing or diseased teeth. Trust the Experts at Stoner Dental Implants Specialists.

Dental implants offers the support and stability of a natural, healthy tooth as it mimics a root. A small, artificial root is used to create the strength to withstand a healthy bite. A dental crown is the replacement in the form of a restoration that attaches to the dental implant. This procedure is the closest treatment option to a natural tooth.

Dental implants are a permanent way to replace missing teeth. They offer strength that is stronger than natural teeth and provides the same form of function and aesthetics as a natural one as well.

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Why Opt for Dental Implants?

There are many reasons to choose a dental implant procedure over the other replacement options; however, this is the only treatment option that is a permanent replacement for your missing teeth and restores the look, feel, and strength of your teeth naturally. It is also the only option on the market that can last a patient for more than 20 years!

Check out the list below for reasons why you should choose a dental implant procedure:

  • Your smile is incomplete
  • You have trouble eating the foods you love-you are relegated to certain foods on the menu
  • Your teeth have started to shift into the empty space from the missing tooth
  • You wear dentures that slip out when taking or eating
  • You want a permanent solution for your missing teeth
  • You want to regain the confidence of your smile again
  • You can’t get the nutrition you need to provide health because you can’t chew your food properly

Here are the advantages of choosing dental implants over other replacement options:

  • Less invasive – The surrounding teeth won’t be trimmed or contoured to allow space or room for dental crowns (example: for traditional bridges), only the missing space will be affected
  • Stronger – Dental implants have been proven to be up to eight times stronger than normal teeth, which means they are extremely stronger and more permanent than other restorative options as well
  • Cosmetic – They are the only option on the market that not only gives you the more natural looking teeth but also gives you the strength and function of healthy teeth as well
  • Less expensive – Dental implants can last for 20+ (depending on how well they’re taken care of). Therefore, they will likely not need to be replaced as quickly as other replacement treatments
  • Functional – They not only provide the strength to withstand a normal bite for decades, but they also allow the patient to eat what they want with no restrictions

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many reasons as to why a dental implant procedure offers far more quality than many other options. Some of the benefits listed above could be reasons alone as to why this treatment option is better than the rest. Another advantage of dental implants is that they preserve the integrity and strength of the bone. Many patients don’t realize that by not replacing missing teeth, not only does it affect the overall aesthetics of your smile, but it also promotes the loss of bone strength below the gum line.

When a patient chews, the bite pressure should be spread out evenly among all teeth in the mouth. If the patient is missing a tooth, the bone strength below the gum line will slowly begin to deteriorate as the pressure is not able to be exercised-much like a muscle where if you don’t use it then it shrinks. It is incredibly vital to replace the missing tooth as it could cause bone issues in the future- which may call for a bone graft treatment years down the line!

Another benefit of dental implants is not only do they rejuvenate the smile by bringing it back to life, but they can also affect the overall face. When there is a missing tooth, the outer skin that covers that space will start to sag prematurely, which can make a patient look older than they are! Replacing the missing tooth can allow the patient to avoid this issue altogether!

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What exactly are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are strong and attractive replacement option for the patients who are looking for a permanent solution to their missing teeth. This treatment is made up of three parts that come together to form the restoration. A titanium root acts as the foundation of the restoration. It acts and mimics the function of a root. Titanium is the only material used for this treatment as it has been proven that titanium is the only material that can actually fuse together with a human bone to create the necessary strength to withstand bite forces– this process is called osseointegration. This is the same biologically-compatible material that is used to create artificial knees, hips, or other prosthetic appliances. It is the perfect material to allow strength and functionality to be added to your smile.

After placement, a few months of time is allotted to allow the bone and post to fuse together to create the foundation needed to hold the restoration (typically 2 months). When the post has fused, an abutment is added to the post to act as the foundation. The dental crown is then added to the abutment. This is the only portion of the restoration that anyone can see, every other piece is below the gum line; however, the titanium post will mimic the strength and functionality of a natural root-so much so that most patients forget it’s a replacement after a few short uses!

The dental abutment and crown are made custom for each patient by your dentist to ensure the shape, color, and size matches the rest of the teeth. Porcelain is a popular material used to create a dental crown as it mimics the look, feel, and strength of a natural tooth. Once polished, porcelain can even reflect and transmit light through it precisely the way a tooth does!

Prior to the surgical process Stoner Specialists will take an intraoral, digital scan of the mouth, and a CT scan of your jaws. This allows for absolute precision in planning the placement of the dental implants. All potential complications are handled in this step-on the computer simulated surgery-so they never occur during the actual surgery. This makes the surgical treatment as safe and minimally invasive as possible for the patient-resulting in little to no discomfort and incredibly fast healing.

During the restoration process your dentist will take an impression (either by mold or digital) and send it to their dental lab for the abutment and restoration to be made precisely. This process is overseen by our office due to the precision required to have a long term prosthesis. The titanium is shaped by laser to precisely mimic the original and ideal shape and contour of the original tooth. Once the dental crown is in, the dentist will screw or cement that last missing piece to the abutment for the final look to come together.

For many decades, there have been various procedures and treatments used to replace missing teeth patients of all ages have chosen dental implants to replace single or multiple teeth. This procedure has also been used as a foundation to support full or even partial dentures. In fact, there are many different kinds and designs of implants-temporary implants, mini implants, periosteal implants, zygomatic implants, transosteal implants, and, the most popular and successful implant design, endosseous implants. Which one is best for you? They all have their applications, and the Board-Certified Periodontists at Stoner Specialists are Columbus’ first choice to help you make your decision. The Board-Certified Periodontists at Stoner Perio Specialists have placed over 11,000 implants, so you know you will be getting the best in your care.

Maybe you are debilitated from missing a front tooth and cannot smile, or need nutrition in order to battle diseases such as Crohn’s or diabetes, or you’re missing all of your teeth and hate the big, plastic “pucks” that float around in your mouth and aren’t secure. Whatever your challenge, we are here to change your quality of life now and forever.

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Eat what you want, smile with radiating confidence, chew the foods you’ve avoided for so long but yearn for-let us help you regain the quality of life you deserve!

What is the Process for Placing Dental Implants?

1. Initial Consultation

This step is quite honestly the most important. Your periodontist will perform a number of x-rays to ensure the analysis of your missing teeth are fully examined. The health of your surrounding teeth, your jawbone, and your gums will also be checked to ensure you have the proper oral health to undergo this procedure. If there are signs of periodontitis, or gum disease, your periodontist will need to treat this issue prior to the dental implants.

This is the stage in which the patient can ask the dental professional any and all questions they may have about the dental implant procedure. Perhaps discuss how you want your smile to look or what sort of sedation or local anesthetics they offer? Be sure to discuss the implant healing process and tips to ensure a healthy and quick healing time.

2. The Implant Procedure

When your board-certified periodontist has ensured you are a good candidate for dental implants (you have enough jawbone strength to support the titanium post), it will be time to insert the post. If the existing tooth needs to be extracted, your board-certified periodontist will likely do it at this time. The titanium post will be placed precisely into the bone. Most people choose to be under some form of sedation (not because of pain, you will be numb) so they can relax and stay still during the dental implant procedure. It is important to note that you will not feel the implants, only the gum manipulation causes any discomfort. You will need to wait 2-4 months for the titanium post to fuse together with your jawbone fully. You can speak to your periodontist about ways to speed up this process by avoiding certain foods and tobacco products during this implant healing time.

3. The Final Step

Once the post has fused, your periodontist will refer you back to your dentist to add an abutment that is specific to you-a laser cut custom abutment-that attaches into the post. This will become the foundation that the dental crown will sit on. The dental crown will be added during this time as well. It will either be cemented on the abutment or screwed into it. There will likely be no pressure or pain felt during this procedure. Once this final step is complete, you can use the dental implants and show them off immediately!

Dental implants are the #1 option for replacing missing teeth. What are you waiting for? Call us for a dental implant consultation today! (641) 907-4398

This procedure is especially great for denture patients who are looking for a more permanent option. Dentures are not a replacement for teeth-they are just a replacement for no teeth. Studies have shown that denture wearers live up to seven years less than those with teeth. The reason is that denture wearers cannot chew their food to the point that their body can absorb crucial nutrients in the intestines. If you’re looking to switch from dentures or need an option to replace an extracted tooth, talk to your dentist about how dental implants can help you. So long as there is a good amount of healthy bone structure below the gum line, the patient can withstand the procedure. This will be the best option for replacing a singular or multiple missing teeth.

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It’s time to regain confidence in your smile and ability to chew. Don’t allow the missing teeth in your smile to go un-replaced as they can have grave consequences in the future, not to mention they hold you back from your full smile potential! Talk to Stoner Specialists today about the benefits of dental implants and start your journey towards health, happiness, and a smile you can be proud of. We have office located all throughout the Greater Columbus, Ohio metro to best serve you. Call us at (614) 333-8287.