Gum Recession Treatment, Periodontal Therapies, and Dental Implants

Gum Recession. Gum Disease. These words are never welcome to the ears of any dental patient. But at Stoner Periodontic Specialists, these procedures are performed every day in the most comfortable and convenient setting.

The Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental Implants are better than dentures: Often the happiest dental implant patients are people who had conventional dentures for a substantial period of time before they had implants. No more denture pain, sore gums or messy adhesives to deal with are just some of the benefits. Overall oral health and quality of life also dramatically improve with implants over traditional dentures.

  • Replacement teeth are stable for eating
  • The closest possible replacement to natural teeth
  • Help to maintain facial shape and structure
  • Help to preserve the bone in the jaw
  • Can eliminate the pain of ill-fitting partials and dentures
  • A dental implant completely restores a lost tooth so that it feels, looks, functions and fits perfectly like a natural tooth.

What to expect from dental implants:

Dental Implants can be life-changing for patients missing just one single tooth. Whereas in the past, the two healthy teeth on either side of a missing tooth had to be removed in order to make a 3-tooth bridge, today a single implant can often be placed in between the teeth. A crown can then be fabricated without affecting the healthy teeth adjoining the missing tooth.

Unlike other dental services, Stoner Periodontic Specialists uses state of the art laser technologies for a minimally invasive approach to beautifying your smile. Our specialists can bring confidence back to your smile without multiple, extended visits or painful procedures.

What we do:

At Stoner Periodontic Specialists, we focus on the following cosmetic dental services:

What we believe:

  • We promise to provide our patients with high quality, attentive, and individualized care in order to promote complete health through wellness and rejuvenation.
  • Our revolutionary periodontal practice in Columbus, Ohio is equipped with state of the art technology to compliment the state of the art therapies employed by our unmatched doctors.
  • Our exceptional clinical abilities stem from a perfectly balanced blend of experience, research, science and art. We deliver aesthetic satisfaction through minimally invasive and cost effective periodontal therapies.
  • Our staff is always courteous, compassionate, and dedicated to your personal needs and wishes.
  • Because patient comfort and convenience is a priority at Stoner Periodontic Specialists, we have three Columbus, Ohio locations and one Springfield location to serve you better. Whether you are suffering from gum recession or need dental implants, our offices in Dublin, Grove City, New Albany, and Springfield provide easy access to residents of the greater Columbus, Ohio area. Each of our dental offices is open with convenient hours to ensure that taking care of your dental needs is never a hassle.
  • At Stoner Periodontic Specialists, customer loyalty through patient satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our advanced Periodontists will work to achieve unparalleled results for your smile.
  • Of course, to fully understand the Stoner Periodontic Specialists difference you must see it for yourself. Our offices feature warm, receptive waiting areas that feel more like home than a dental office. Additionally, our operating rooms are full of calming, soothing colors, tones and features that assist in creating a stress-free experience.
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    Dr. Stoner and his team are friendly, professional and have a strong 'patient first' approach.-C. Elizabeth S.

    I appreciate all the wonderful people at Dr. Stoner's office. I believe everyone there is committed to my well being.-Dimitry F.

    Happy that I didn't give up trying to find their office! My experience so far has been as pleasant as a visit to the dentist can be - very wonderful, friendly office personel who even give you cookies if you are good. Dr. Stoner was exceptional. Joanne S.

    Dr. Stoner and his team do excellent work. I've had several gum grafts done, which was pretty painless for the most part, and the healing went well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and use him again if the need ever arose. -Kara C.

    Dr. Stoner and his staff were wonderful. Every question was answered ahead of time, long before the surgery. I even got a refund, because I was short a tooth! -Melissa M.

    The work done was the final piece of fixing my smile. I had an implant placed and a gingival and bone graft. He did excellent work! I will definitely recommend them! Wtuscherer T.

    The team at Dr Stoner's were extremely patient and made me feel comfortable for my tissue graft consult. They were very nice and definitely would recommend their office. -Josh J.

    The entire team at Stoner Periodontic Specialists was professional and courteous. They used the highest quality implant materials since I am allergically sensitive to most metals. The entire team was there for me during and after the procedure was completed. I highly recommend them.-Lisa G.

    There is nothing exciting about going to a periodontist, but Dr. Stoner and his staff make it as easy as they possibly can. Everyone is caring and the follow-up is great. I cannot say enough about the excellent caring and concern that Dr. Stoner and his staff have for their patients Tesh G.

    Had my final two implants placed last Monday. Procedure went well with minimal pain and minimal swelling. Staff were very patient and knowledgeable. Doctor was very professional. Could not have asked for better service. Ellen C.-

    I dreaded my visit for 3 extractions and 2 implants plus laser treatment. However, the visit and procedures went VERY smoothly and 12 hours later I had nearly no pain and no swelling. They should be called "magicians" as well as peridontists. I simply cannot say enough positive about my experience so far -- it's been great. -Cynthia G.

    I had laser gum surgery with Stoner and found the team to be very professional and caring Joanne S.

    Dr. Stoner did a great job with my gum surgery. I highly recommend his office for perio procedures. I could not be happier with my results. -John S.

    The professionals at Stoner Periodontics were the best Meredith J.

    Dr. Stoner's Office, along with all of his incredibly skilled and professional staff are fantastic. They all make you feel as if you are "one of the family" and whether you are there to have a procedure done or a simple consultation, they cater to you every need. Thank you for such a positive dental experience! -Andres B.

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Dr. Jason Stoner

Dr. Jason C. Stoner received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 1997; his Master's of Science in Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine in 2000; and his Certificate in Periodontics in 2000 - all from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry.

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Dr. Vikas Puri

Dr. Vikas Puri is a board certified periodontist at Stoner Periodontic Specialists. Dr. Puri is originally from India where he completed his dental degree from SDM College of Dental Sciences and Hospital, in Dharwad, Karnataka.

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Dr. Maria

Dr. Maria Cristina Ferriol graduated in 1998 from Washington University in St. Louis with a BA in Biology and a Minor in Latin American Studies.

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