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Guided Tissue Regeneration Columbus OH

"Because we believe that great dentistry and great health affects your every smile, every conversation, every meal, and every kiss profoundly"

Guided Tissue Regeneration Columbus OH

"Because we believe that great dentistry and great health affects your
every smile, every conversation, every meal, and every kiss profoundly"

What is Guided Tissue Regeneration?

Guided tissue regeneration is a sophisticated method that effectively rebuilds lost bone structures and gum tissue around a patients teeth. Patients who experience this type of degeneration are commonly suffering from periodontitis, a disease that generally results due to improper or insufficient daily brushing and flossing. When a patient neglects their oral health care for too long, tartar and plaque begin to form on their teeth, which then begins to damage the surrounding tissue. If left untreated for long enough, this bacteria will begin to cause the gum tissue to begin receding away from the teeth, which in turn creates more gaps for tartar, allows for more plaque and bacteria to form, which in turn wears down the teeth and gums even more.

The eventual consequences of this cycle include:

  • Damage to the teeth
  • A potential tooth extraction
  • Gummy smile
  • Bacterial infections

Nearly all patients are potential candidates for guided tissue regeneration. Please contact our staff to see if guided tissue regeneration is right for you. Our facility is proud to provide the comprehensive care you need to improve your dental health and is committed to making sure your experience at our office is a positive one.

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When Is Guided Tissue Regeneration Necessary?

Your dentist will recommend guided tissue regeneration when an advanced periodontal disease has destroyed a significant enough amount of gum tissue or bone. Patients often develop this disease (periodontitis) because they have neglected to follow proper oral self-care habits.

When this happens, patients may develop gingivitis, which results in inflamed gums that can appear to be red and that bleed easily. If this stage is not addressed during improved selfcare or at a biannual visit, it can develop into periodontitis. In this stage of the disease, a patient’s gums will begin to recede from the teeth, which in turn creates pockets around the tooth that become susceptible to collecting more bacteria. When the body senses this infection, it has an inflammatory response, which can result in the loss of jawbone.

What is the Procedure for Guided Tissue Regeneration?

The first step in the guided tissue regeneration process is your dentist applying a local anesthetic to numb the area and relieve any potential pain. Next, the infected gums will have to be thoroughly cleaned, followed by the removal of the tissue. This tissue is most commonly taken from the roof of your mouth, and is then  stitched over the area that has been affected, which will seal the bone. Finally, the gum is stitched into place over the membrane. The membrane will then either be absorbed by the body or removed at a later date, so the healing process can continue.

If your case requires the regrowth of bone around the tooth, a special material will be set against the tooth that will allow the bone to begin regrowing.

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How Does Guided Tissue Regeneration Address Periodontitis?

Guided tissue regeneration helps address periodontitis by growing new jawbone tissue, which in turn will make your mouth healthier and develops a sturdier and more stable root, which greatly decreases the chances of your tooth falling out or needing to be removed.

Post Procedural Care

If you are going to have a guided tissue regeneration procedure, it is critical that you closely follow after surgery oral care to ensure ultimate success. The healing process following this surgery can take as long as six months, so it is critical to be compliant with the suggested maintenance. Be sure to use the special brushes with soft bristles that will be provided. You should also follow a soft food diet following your guided tissue regeneration procedure for 3-5 days. Many people find soft foods like ice cream, soup, yogurt, and pudding are the easiest on your mouth following the procedure.

It is also important to remember that the primary reason a guided tissue regeneration procedure is required is because the patient has not been practicing good oral health care habits, though that is not always the case.

This issue can also be caused by hormonal imbalances, especially for teenagers entering puberty and pregnant women. In other cases, they simply occur for no identifiable reason.

Regardless of the cause of the issue, once your gums have fully healed, you will not have to restrict your diet or eating habits, but it is critical that you continue to practice good oral hygiene practices. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day and continue scheduling regular checkups every six months. If you follow these good practices, your teeth will continue to be healthy and strong.


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Associated Costs

The final cost of a guided tissue regeneration procedure will ultimately depend upon your dental insurance plan coverage. Prior to scheduling the procedure, your dentist will review your treatment options with you, and then our staff will be happy to discuss the fees associated with having the procedure.

If you are currently without dental coverage and would like to discuss other possible payment options with our staff, please contact us to see what options are available. We are committed to helping you receive the dental care you need in a manner that fits your budget.

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At Stoner Periodontic Specialists, we are committed to providing patients with high quality, attentive and individualized care in order to promote complete oral health through wellness and rejuvenation. We achieve this by utilizing cutting-edge technology, state of the art procedures and traditional practice to treat patients and exceed expectations.

Having a guided tissue regeneration procedure can have a dramatic impact on individuals who have damaged teeth or are self-conscious about their smile. Scheduling your appointment for this procedure is your first step in having that healthy, confident smile you have always wanted. If you would like to meet our team, take a tour of our facilities, or discuss this procedure with our knowledgeable staff, please contact us today.

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