Stoner Periodontic & Implant Specialists in Upper Arlington, OH

"Because we believe that great dentistry and great health affects your
every smile, every conversation, every meal, and every kiss profoundly"

Stoner Periodontic & Implant Specialists in Upper Arlington, OH

"Because we believe that great dentistry and great health affects your
every smile, every conversation, every meal, and every kiss profoundly"

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Dr. Jason Stoner has lead a team of professional periodontists to ensure the health of their local Ohio residents. This ever-growing practice has built a foundation of trust and loyalty from its patients, and continues to ensure quality with every procedure performed. The dental professionals at Stoner Periodontist Columbus know that every patient has an individualized case. No two situations are ever treated the same at the practice, which ensures the outcome of each treatment to be top quality and patient-centered. The oral health and wellness of each patient is the number one goal at the practice. Although we aim to aesthetically please every single patient, we are always quick to instill good dental hygiene practice tips for home life. Good oral hygiene stimulates and ensures good health and prevents the spread of bacteria, which can cause negative effects such as loss of teeth down the line.

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At Stoner Perio Specialists, we understand that no two cases are exactly alike, which is why every patient and every situation is treated individually.

If a large procedure does materialize due to needed treatment, the professionals will firstly consult with the patient about their exact options. The wants and needs of each patient is always a priority, and our main objective is to reach these goals with as much comfort and value possible. The continued growth of our patient list has humbled the practice. We always ensure every single patient receives the best care possible, under the hands of our experienced, well-educated and top-rated periodontists. In addition to our highly trained team members, we also employ the newest, most modern technology in our offices to ensure each patient receives the highest quality procedure. Modern technology allows us to treat each patient more precisely, more comfortably and with greater end results than more traditional approaches. We also ensure each method of procedure is up to date to the newest formalities according to the dental practices of modern medicine. We are always excited and happy to see new faces walk into our office, give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

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Join us because we know that trustworthiness is a perception, not a fact.



Brian S.

"There is absolutely nothing I would change about my experience! Courteous, professional, and caring are just a few of the words I would use to describe Dr. Stoner and his staff."

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"What a wonderful experience from the very beginning. The made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and put me at ease during the entire process. My procedure went so smoothly and I have minimal pain..."

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Dental Implants

If you are looking to replace a missing or extracted tooth, a dental implant procedure could be the best option. This replacement treatment is perfect for the patients who are wanting the strength, stability, and function of a natural tooth. Plus, it is the only option on the market that can mimic the look and feel of a natural tooth.

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Patients who opt for the All on Four treatment option walk away with a full set of teeth usually immediately. This restoration allows patients to replace their dentures or failing teeth with a permanent solution, without needing full mouth implants thereby saving money. The strategic placement of these implants allows the dentist to use only 4, without the need for a long healing time before teeth placement.

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If you feel you have an extremely ‘gummy’ smile and wish to have more tooth structure exposed then a crown lengthening procedure could be the best option for you. This treatment is easy and painless and is best described as the frame than encompasses a picture-the picture being the teeth. The quality of the smile design is significantly affected by crown lengthening as it helps provide the optimal contour, shape and length of the teeth for your perfect smile.


Patients who have trouble with anxiety, pain, stress or more during long dental procedures can benefit from dental IV sedation. Over 95% or our patients choose the option of IV sedation thereby allowing them to feel completely relaxed while our periodontist performs the needed treatment. This is a great way to combine 4-5 procedures into 2-3 instead with the help of IV sedation.

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A Frenulectomy is a relatively simple procedure that removes the frenulum from younger patients. The frenulum is a small band of tissue that ties the tip of the tongue with the bottom of the mouth, or the lip to the teeth. Otherwise known as being ‘tongue-tied’, It can also restrict feeding & swallowing and can cause speech impediments in the future. IN the cases of lip involvement, a Frenulectomy can result in saving bone and gum tissue because gum recession is avoided.

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Gum disease can typically be avoided with a good dental hygiene routine. However, if a patient already has a form of gum disease, it can only be treated professionally. Advanced stages of gum disease could require tissue and root therapy as well as deep cleanings.

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Gum recession not only affects the aesthetics of your smile, but it can also cause extreme tooth sensitivity. If this issue is not treated right away, it can lead to tooth loss and bacterial infections. The tissue that should be around the ‘neck’ of the tooth defends the jaw bone from free radicals, without it, it can cause serious issues including bone, gum and tooth loss.

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laser gum therapy

Laser gum therapy is the treatment that can remove infected gum tissue quickly and comfortably to stimulate healthy gum growth. This treatment option can also be used aesthetically to reduce gums along the tooth line if a patient has a ‘gummy’ smile. Healing time is minimal, and no change in diet is necessary. Painful incisions and stitches are avoided with Laser Therapy.

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If you feel your teeth do not close together properly, you may need an occlusal analysis. The dentist will perform a check to see where the teeth (opposing each other) do not align. Once the issue is prominent, the dentist will easily and painlessly remove thin layers of a tooth to ensure the teeth fit together harmoniously.

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A Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontic technique is a modern form that’s been added to traditional orthodontics. The timeline of braces can now be accelerated using the bone structure that supports the teeth. A dental professional can shift the bone structure from underneath the gum line to speed up the braces process.

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Gum Pin Technique

A modern twist to treating gum recession. Dr. Jason Stoner is the first Board-Certified Periodontist in Columbus to administer this type of treatment. This treatment cuts the traditional procedure in half with fewer incisions. With a tiny hole above the teeth, Dr. Stoner can pull the necessary amount of gums down to the appropriate area easily without painful sutures and incisions.

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Socket Preservation

It’s extremely important to replace permanent teeth that have been extracted. The periodontists at Stoner Perio Specialists use a special tooth socket preservation technique that preserves freshly extracted tooth sockets. As soon as a tooth is removed, space will start to close- up and can cause a shift in teeth resulting in an overall loss of bone. This procedure can help stop that process.

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The periodontists at Stoner Perio Specialists are experts at treating shrinking jaw size. This effect may happen due to premature tooth loss. The lengthening of jaw size can allow for the dental professionals to create a foundation for dentures or other prosthetic restorations.

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Permanent tooth exposure and uncovering is the procedure in which exposes impacted teeth. When a tooth is impacted, it has trouble erupting through the gum line because it’s blocked by either bony tissue or the gums themselves. With an easy treatment, these teeth can erupt once a small window is created for them.

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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is a syndrome that affects thousands of Americans. This syndrome causes extreme pain along the jaw bone and all muscles involved. With a number of exercises and TMJ therapy, this pain can be managed in a holistic manner.

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Dr. Jason Stoner


Board Certification in Periodontology and Dental Implant Surgery by the American Board of Periodontology

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Dr. Maria ferriol


Board Certification in Periodontology and Dental Implant Surgery by the American Board of Periodontology

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Dr. Michael Kreitzer


Board Certification in Periodontology and Dental Implant Surgery by the American Board of Periodontology

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The land on which present-day Upper Arlington sits was first known to be inhabited by the Adena people, renowned for building conical mounds for burial sites. Centuries later the Wyandot lived there, eventually being expelled after the U.S. Government gave land grants to Revolutionary War soldiers in lieu of pay. Property originally bestowed in this area to Elijah Backus, Jonathan Dayton and Andrew Marker was sold as farm property to a number of different families in the 1800s.