Occlusal Analysis and Adjustment

Examination and adjustment of teeth bite.

An occlusal analysis is an examination of a patient’s bite – in particular, the areas where opposing teeth contact each other.

During an occlusal analysis, a dentist will check for the following symptoms which might require a periodontic treatment:

  • Disharmony – failure of opposing tooth surfaces to align properly
  • Interference – contact inhibiting or altering the desirable contact between teeth
  • Prematurity – contact of opposing teeth occurring before the jaw is fully shut
  • Trauma – in some cases the contact of opposing teeth can be off axis enough to cause tissue damage

Occlusal Adjustment Procedure

An occlusal adjustment is the process of grinding the opposing tooth surfaces down to a point where the contact, or occlusion, is properly in line.

The procedure is relatively simple and does not require anesthesia – the dentist will only be removing microscopic layers from the teeth, staying far away from any nerve endings.

In some cases, follow up visits may be required.

Bite Guards and other Dental Occlusal Treatments

In addition to occlusal adjustment, the dentist may recommend patients use a bite guard, mouth guard or similar device. These devices will help prevent teeth grinding and other damaging occlusal habits.

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