Laser Gum Therapy in Columbus, Ohio

Offering patients state-of-the-art gum treatment using laser technology.

The incorporation of laser technology in gum disease therapy has provided for safe, effective and less invasive treatment to correct a variety of periodontal and esthetic concerns. The use of lasers often results in little to no discomfort, and many times requires little to no local anesthetic. Laser Gum Therapy is widely used in our practice for the following conditions:

Esthetic Smile Enhancement
Excessive gums, more commonly termed the “gummy smile”, can be simply, quickly and comfortably corrected using Laser Gum Treatment. Healing is usually complete in three days, and no adjustment to activity level or diet is necessary.

Laser Gum Therapy Pictures

Laser Gum Therapy

A frenulum is the fold of tissue that is visible when you pull your lip out away from your teeth or is seen attached to your tongue when you lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth. A frenulum serves no true physiological purpose; however, when it attached too close to your teeth, or in the case of being “tongue tied”, it is attached too close to the tip of your tongue, this can lead to recession, bone loss, root cavities and speech impediments. LASER gum treatment to correct frenulums is very quick and precise, and usually involves no “stitches” or bleeding. As with most LASER therapies, results are instantaneous.

Periodontal Pocket Sterilization
Laser Gum Therapy is also incorporated as a modality of gum treatment against disease, or “periodontitis”. If periodontal disease is recognized in its early stages, Laser Gum Treatment can be used and is extremely successful for gingival pocket sterilization. This simply means that the LASER’s affinity for diseased tissue allows for vaporization of the diseased tissue and associated bacteria. The healthy tissue remains and can grow back to the tooth to provide a manageable pocket depth with excellent dental hygiene. Laser Gum Treatment is performed under local anesthesia (Novocain) in conjunction with scaling and root planning (“deep cleaning”).

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP)

A newly developed procedure known as LANAP, (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure), is an FDA-approved procedure performed by the PerioLase. The objective of LANAP laser gum treatment is pocket reduction achieved by establishing a new connective tissue attachment to the tooth at a more coronal level. The LANAP procedure involves an environment in which new bone, cementum and the PDL can form on a previously diseased root surface. LANAP allows us to treat periodontal disease in a minimally invasive procedure that eliminates the need, in most cases, for conventional blade surgery (osseous and flap surgery).