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What is Laser Gum Treatment?

Laser gum treatment is a revolutionary, non-invasive way to treat periodontal disease (also called gum disease.) It targets unhealthy gum tissue and eliminates bacteria without harming the surrounding gum tissue, and with out the need for gum surgery. Laser gum therapy can also be used as an esthetic treatment, to change the appearance of your gums for a more even smile.

Who Should Have Laser Gum Treatment?

Many dental patients can benefit from laser gum treatment. Dr. Stoner recommends this non-invasive treatment for multiple conditions, including:

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Some of the Many Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment

Laser gum treatment is an attractive alternative to traditional gum surgery. Patients who opt for laser gum treatment enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fast, almost painless treatment that only requires a local anesthetic
  • Most treatment areas healed in 3 days
  • No need for any activity or dietary restrictions
  • Instantaneous results

Laser Treatment for Gum Disease Complications

Gum disease (also called periodontal disease) is a continual inflammation or infection of the gums. Early signs of gum disease include tenderness, puffiness, and bleeding of the gums when brushing or flossing. Diseased tissue can be safely removed without invasive surgery using laser gum treatment, which seals blood vessels immediately to minimize bleeding, swelling, and discomfort. Periodontal maintenance such as routine deep cleanings can then be used to help prevent gum disease from reoccurring.

Laser Treatment for Gum Recession Complications

Gum recession begins when periodontal disease causes the gum and the tooth surface to separate. The gum shrinks away from the tooth and recedes, so you have less of a visible gum line and the root of your tooth begins to be exposed. Bacteria enters these pockets and causes inflammation and inaction, causing gums to recede even more.

Getting periodontal treatment at the first sign of gum disease can help prevent gum recession. If caught in the early stage of gingivitis, most gum disease can be easily reversed. If not treated, gingivitis turns into periodontal disease, which over time can permanently damage your gums, cause bone loss, and even result in tooth loss when the gum and bone have deteriorated too much to support your teeth.

Laser gum treatment specifically targets only the damaged tissue, without affecting the surrounding gums. The goal is to eliminate the harmful bacteria without harming any other healthy gum or bone tissue. The laser method can also stimulate new gum growth, increasing your oral health and rejuvenating your smile.

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Esthetic Laser Treatment for “Gummy Smiles”

If your gums extend over much of the surface of your teeth, your teeth may appear to be short. Your gum line may also be uneven, which can make your smile appear crooked even if your teeth are perfectly straight. Excessive gums often are referred to as a “gummy smile,” and can be simply, quickly and comfortably corrected using laser gum treatment.

The laser contours the gum line with precision, resulting in a smile that shows teeth off to the best advantage and provides an even, healthy look. This can benefit those who have been insecure about their smile, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. Check out some of our Before & After photos from our happy clients after Laser Gum Treatment!

Laser Gum Treatment for Pocket Sterilization

When periodontal disease advances, pockets begin to form between the gum and the tooth surface. These pockets are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which causes inflammation and infection. Over time the pockets widen and deepen, and the gum detaches from the tooth and recedes. The exposes the root of the tooth, which can become infected, and the one of the jaw can also start to deteriorate.

The incorporation of laser technology in gum disease therapy provides a safe and effective way to correct periodontal disease. Laser gum treatment stimulates gum tissue growth and eliminates bacteria so healthy gum tissue can grow back to fill the pocket and reattach to the tooth. Periodontal pocket sterilization is FDA approved and non-invasive, and patients who have this kind of treatment heal in a very short time period.

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Laser Gum Treatment for Attached Frenulum

A frenulum is the fold of connective tissue. A frenulum connects your gum and your lips and can be seen when you pull your lip away from your gums. Another frenulum connects to the bottom of your tongue and can be seen when you lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth. When the frenulum attaches too close to the teeth it is called a “lip tie”. When it connects to close to the tip of the tongue, it is a “tongue tie”.

When a frenulum in the mouth is tied, it can lead to gum recession, bone loss, root cavities, and speech impediments. Laser gum treatment is virtually painless and can successfully correct frenulum ties with minimal pain or swelling and no stitches. The actual procedure is virtually painless for most patients, and for frenulum correction, and in many cases no local anesthetic is required.

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP)

LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is an FDA-approved procedure designed to help reattach loose or receded gums to the teeth. This procedure is typically used when advanced periodontal disease had infected the tooth root. After the gum and tooth is successfully treated, the gum can be encouraged to reattach to the tooth and cover the previously diseased root.

LANAP allows periodontists to treat many cases of advanced gum disease with a minimally invasive procedure instead of conventional surgery (such as osseous and flap surgery.) Recovery after LANAP is much swifter than with traditional surgery.

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