Losing teeth is a traumatic experience for anyone. Lack of confidence, embarrassment, limited food choices while friends eat anything they want, shaky bite and discomfort are some of the terrible experiences that can result from dentures. Denture functionality is limited, as they are not permanent.

Examining all options with an experienced professional is in your best interest if tooth loss is unavoidable. It may be wise to learn more about all-on-four implant supported dentures. These consist of denture plates that are fitted to the mouth and firmly fixed onto implants. They are often referred to as hybrid dentures.

Reasons to Consider an All-On-Four Treatment

All-on-four is a less costly alternative to full dental implants. It is advantageous to individuals who are not fond of removing their teeth each night and want to be able to eat food without worries or embarrassment that teeth will shift or come unattached. AO4 is only removable by your dentist.

AO4, also known as a permanent bridge, has many advantages over full mouth dental implants or implant-supported dentures. A full mouth bridge requires only four implants. The bridge can be fixed to the implants the same day, making it possible to have a full set of teeth almost immediately, while full mouth bridges or implant-supported dentures require a 3-6 month healing time before they can be hooked to the teeth or denture.

Additionally, the implants maintain your bone where a traditional denture actually causes you to lose bone. Of course, cost is a great benefit, as full mouth implants require a minimum of 14 implants, and dentures must be relined every 18 months and replaced every five years on average. All on four implants are the biggest bang for the buck.

Benefits of All-On-Four Implant Dentures

Simply put, dentures aren’t a replacement for natural teeth. Wearers are only able to chew at 10% of their natural chewing force with a full set of dentures. Denture wearers live an average of 7 years less than those with teeth. The reason for this is an inability to eat healthy foods, such as vegetables and fruits in their raw forms. These are necessary for proper nutrition. The ability to break down foods into molecules small enough for the intestines to absorb the nutrition is not possible. Soft foods are the only option, resulting in gastrointestinal issues, weight loss or weight gain and general malnutrition.

Unlike conventional dentures, AO4 provides stimulation for the jaw so that bone loss is prevented. Unlike regular implants, replacement teeth are commonly available at the same day of surgery and are less expensive than a full mouth of implants. The secure fit results in a more comfortable, functional result. AO4 reestablishes your quality of life, allowing you to taste, laugh and enjoy life with confidence.

Considerations for All-On-Four Implant Dentures

There are minor maintenance issues to consider with AO4. If one implant fails, the dentures may not function properly. Also, they are usually constructed of acrylic and not porcelain, which is not quite as durable, and the porous material can be difficult to clean.

All-On-Four Procedure

To begin AO4, a patient will receive an x-ray to assess the mouth. A periodontist will discuss an individualized plan. During surgery, all teeth are removed if necessary and implants are placed inside of the gums and jawbone. Denture plates are created for a custom fit.

Our priority is your total oral health. If you need more information about dentures or all-on-four, do not hesitate to call the office. Our entire staff is ready to help.