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What are All-on-Four Dental Implants?

All-on-Four is commonly known as the “smile in a day” procedure that involves using four dental implants to provide a permanent foundation for dentures. Often referred to as “hybrid dentures”, this treatment option involves the use of dental implants and a custom fabricated full bridge of teeth. This procedure revolutionizes the dental implant procedure, and provides significant advantages over traditional dentures.

Who Needs All-on-Four Dental Implant Supported Dentures?

Anyone who has lost the majority of their teeth in the upper, lower, or both arches may be a good candidate for All-on-Four dental implant supported dentures. All that is required is a healthy mouth and gums, and enough bone in the jaw to support the dentures. Losing teeth can be a traumatic experience for anyone. It can cause a lack of confidence and low self-esteem, leading to problems in your personal and professional life. It can also affect your speech and limit what foods you can eat.


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Benefits of All-on-Four

All-on-Four dental implant supported dentures have advantages over both a full set of dental implants and traditional non-supported dentures.

Unlike regular dentures, All-on-Four dentures don’t require relining or replacement on a regular basis, and don’t have to be removed daily for cleaning. Instead, as is common with dental implants, the full bridge of teeth can be cared for in much the same way as your original teeth.

All-on-Four also has advantages over a full set of individual dental implants, in that four can be supported by existing bone n the jaw more readily than a full set, and the implants can also be set at an angle to support a wider swath of bone.

Having an All-on-Four procedure as soon as possible after complete tooth loss is recommended, as the jaw bone will not have had time to dissolve away and will still be able to support dental implants. If some teeth have been missing for an extended period of time, bone grafts may be required to strengthen the jaw bone for implantation.


  • Only requires four implants for a full mouth bridge
  • Can be done in just one day
  • Maintains bone integrity by slowing or stopping the deterioration process
  • Has a secure fit for a more stable and functional result
  • Is cost effective compared to other full mouth reconstruction options
  • Provides a permanent solution for replacing a full arch of teeth
  • Allows patients to eat or drink what they want

The All-on-Four Procedure

All-on-Four dental implantation begins with an extensive consultation. You will be able to ask questions during this consultation and your dentist will help you determine if All-on-Four is right for you. A complete and comprehensive x-ray scan will be done to assess the mouth during the consultation. Your periodontist will discuss an individualized plan that is entirely tailored to your unique needs.

During surgery, any remaining teeth are extracted from the jawbone arch being worked on. This is usually done under some form of sedation, so the patient is completely comfortable. Four dental implants will be surgically placed into the jawbone, and customized abutments will be placed on top of the dental implants as the foundation for the dental plates. The dental plates will be created at a local lab to custom fit onto each patient’s jaw bone. Once the dental plates are fitted, the periodontist will add the final screws that will permanently affix the new fabricated teeth to the foundation implants.

The All-on-Four immediate implant procedure includes the following bio-compatible materials: the post that is inserted into the jawbone is made of titanium, which can fuse together with the bone. The base of the teeth is made up of a soft acrylic, much like traditional dentures. The teeth themselves may becreated from acrylic or another stronger substance.

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All-on-Four vs. Traditional Dentures

Many patients who have lost the majority of their teeth opt for traditional dentures. Full dentures are a prosthetic device that is removable and typically is only supported by the tissues inside the oral cavity. Traditional dentures must be removed nightly (sometimes during the day as well) for cleaning and maintenance.

These tooth restorations are made to mimic the look of natural teeth. The fabricated teeth are made of porcelain, and the “gummy” foundation below is made of a semi-soft acrylic. However, the soft tissue that wraps around the jaw bone is the only foundation for the dentures, meaning wearers may experience a shaky bite, sore spots, intermittent discomfort, and a constant need for adjustment. Dentures must also typically be relined every 18 months, and replaced every five years on average. Patients who wear dentures can only chew at 10% of their natural chewing force, and find it difficult to eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits in their raw forms. Soft foods are often the only option, resulting in gastrointestinal issues, weight loss or weight gain, and general malnutrition.

In addition to these drawbacks, lack of stimulation to the bone inside the jaw causes it to slowly begin to dissolve, causing the face to appear sunken. As bone loss continues, dentures will have to be constantly remade and refitted to avoid sores and chafe spots. Unlike conventional dentures, All-on-Four provides stimulation for the jaw so that bone loss is prevented.

All-on-Four vs. Full Dental Implants

Other patients may choose a full set of dental implants, each supporting a single tooth. Typically, full mouth implants require a minimum of 14 implants, which makes the procedure highly invasive and tedious. The healing time with this traditional implant process can take up to a year. With the AO4 treatment, the implant quantity requires only a fraction of the usual steps, allowing the healing time to be reduced as well.

The reason why so few dental implants can be used to provide the foundation to secure a full arch of teeth is the execution of the process. In the past, the dental implants were inserted into the jawbone vertically and parallel to one another. With the All-on-Four (AO4) treatment, the implants are inserted at an angle that covers more width below the gum line. This allows more area in the jawbone to be stabilized without compromising on strength.

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Home Care After Placement of All-on-Four Implant Dentures

Your gums may be sore for a week or so following All-on-One placement. Your dentist will provide you with complete instructions for home care and directions for pain medication. It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day just as you would your natural teeth. Be sure to visit us every six months for a deep cleaning session as well as for a check up on your restorations.

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