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Allograft Surgery Columbus OH

"Because we believe that great dentistry and great health affects your every smile, every conversation, every meal, and every kiss profoundly"

Allograft Surgery Columbus OH

"Because we believe that great dentistry and great health affects your
every smile, every conversation, every meal, and every kiss profoundly"

A modern way to eliminate patient bone & gum harvesting

Soft tissue grafting procedures are utilized in periodontics to treat a number of dental conditions and deficiencies in gum tissue including gum recession. Traditional methods of soft tissue grafting rely on harvesting the patient’s own tissue through a series of incisions on the roof of the mouth. This tissue is then transferred to the deficient areas and secured in place. Although these methods have been shown to be effective treatments, patients typically report significant discomfort for a period of time following the procedure as this is an extremely invasive process and leaves the patient in pain for days.

At Stoner Periodontic Specialists our doctors offer a less invasive method of soft tissue grafting using a technological advancement called Allograft surgery. Allograft is an alternative material used for soft tissue grafting that does not require harvesting of tissue from the patient. Dental Allograft is an acellular dermal matrix material that provides a scaffold on which the body can incorporate new blood vessels and grow new soft tissue cells. This is defined as a tissue graft among individuals of the same species. The bone allograft material is usually available in large quantities of cadaver bone or gum tissue. The material has to go through various amounts of tests and treatments that render it neutral to prevent cross-contamination.

This is a unique form of bone and gum grafting as the bone and gum tissue comes from a different individual, other than the one receiving the graft.

Acellular dermal matrix was originally developed for the treatment of burn patients by doctors in the 1950’s. Surgeons in hospitals throughout the country continue to use acellular dermal matrix to treat patients requiring reconstruction following procedures such as breast resection, head/neck dissection, and severe burns. Acellular dermal matrix was introduced in dentistry as dental Allograft over a decade ago and is documented in numerous research studies to be safe and effective in treating dental soft tissue conditions.

Using acellular dermal matrix as an alternative to harvesting tissue through traditional methods allowing our doctors to perform many soft tissue procedures in a minimally invasive fashion while providing predictable and esthetic results. Allograft surgery eliminates the need for surgery on the roof of the mouth reduces post-operative discomfort and offers many patients a pain-free recovery from soft tissue grafting procedures.

The Acellular dermal matrix material is a soft tissue material that is essentially donated human skin tissue. Just like the bone grafting material, this soft tissue undergoes a multi-step process that eliminates the chance of rejection. The outer skin layer is removed (the epidermis) to ensure the material isn’t antigenic.

This is a great way to perform gum grafting procedures as it virtually eliminates the need for harvesting gum tissue from the patient. This allows for a faster healing time as there fewer cuts that will need to heal. The best part? This material is always available in various shapes, sizes and thickness to match the patient’s needs.

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Why Do I Need an Allograft Surgery?

As mentioned above, the tradition procedure of gum grafting is tremendously effective; it can cause extreme pain for the patient in the coming days. While the procedure itself is painless as the patient is under a local anesthetic or even an IV sedation, once these wear off- the patients typically report having lots of pain.

If you have a case of gum recession due to periodontitis, hard tooth brushing, or other cases, a gum graft surgery may be needed. This treatment and material allow the management of gum recession to be controlled at a faster and easier pace. Gum recession can be rejuvenated using this material and more. A smile transformation can be done with this material alone.

At Stoner Periodontic Specialists, we aim for your comfort during the procedures as well as try and provide helpful tips and feedback to help with pain after the procedure. We have found an excellent way to avoid using the traditional method to ensure the comfort of our patients even after surgery. At the end of the day, this treatment option is much less invasive and can boast an easier and more painless healing time.

Using palatal donor tissue has made soft tissue grafting a much less invasive procedure. This same procedure can be used to treat gum recession, gum defects, and even soft tissue alveolar ridge defects. Using palatal donor tissue was introduced to the dental industry nearly 40 years ago. This treatment has been linked to many other advances in the dental industry.

The attachment of this Allograft material is easier and less invasive to surgically adhere to the gums. Microsurgery is used that allows the periodontists more precise incisions to reduce swelling, bleeding, and trauma. Allograft surgery can also be used as a placeholder in extraction sites. A block of substitute bone can be shaped to fit into a newly extracted tooth socket to hold the space shape for future implants. This treatment is also known as tooth socket preservation.

It is extremely useful to use this material when undergoing a bone graft surgery. This material is chalk full of the needed nutrients that can assist the patient with a faster healing time. The material is full of bone growth factors, necessary bioactive material, proteins and much more. As mentioned above, there are synthetic replacement options that also have nutrients of an organic and mineral mix. Both of these options are great for our patients here at Stone Periodontic Specialists.

If you have questions about our Allograft and gum graft procedures, please do not hesitate to call us. We have the most experienced professionals available for your assistance in Columbus, Ohio. Give us a call or drop us a message online via our Contact Form. We look forward to working with you in assisting in your smile transformation journey. Your smile’s health, function, and aesthetic can be upgraded by our professionals!

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