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What is the Pinhole Surgical Technique?

The Pinhole Technique (also known as Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, Chao Pinhole Technique, and Pinhole Surgical Technique) is a revolutionary treatment that can quickly and effectively correct gum recession. It is a specialty dental procedure which is only carried out by board-certified periodontists who have successfully completed the extra training to perform the advanced technique. Dr. Jason Stoner of Stoner Periodontic Specialists is the only qualified and board-certified periodontist in Columbus, Ohio to currently offer this leading edge procedure.

Who Should Have Pinhole Gum Surgery?

Patients who have receding gums are the most likely candidates to benefit from the Pinhole Surgical Technique. When gums recede, the roots of teeth are exposed, allowing bacteria to work its way into more porous surfaces. This can cause decay, and ultimately the bone of the jaw can be affected. Over time, gum recession can lead to loosened and lost teeth.

Benefits of Pinhole Gum Surgery

Treating gum recession with the Pinhole Surgical Technique can help preserve tooth roots and the underlying bone. Unlike gum grafting, which can only address the gums around one or two teeth at a time, pinhole gum surgery can be performed on rows of 10-14 teeth in one sitting, with only a few minutes needed per tooth.


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When is Pinhole Gum Surgery Needed?

While some forms of gum surgery are designed to address early stage gum disease, periodontitis, or esthetic concerns, The Pinhole Surgical Technique is designed to treat gum recession and restore an even, healthy gum line that protects the tooth roots and bone of the jaw.

Signs that your gums have receded include:

  • Sensitivity to hot/cold foods and drinks or to pressure
  • The loss of a naturally esthetic smile
  • Lessened protection over the exposed root of the tooth
  • Loosened teeth or tooth loss

Causes of Gum Recession

Gum recession due to loss of tissue along the gum line is most commonly caused by advanced periodontitis, when gum tissue has become seriously diseased and is pulling away from the teeth. Periodontal pockets form, which host more bacteria and infection, and over time the gum line recedes until tooth roots are exposed.

Gum recession can also be the result of aggressive brushing of the teeth with a hard-bristled toothbrush, or of a misaligned bite, both of which can cause undue pressure on the gum tissue and cause it to break down. In either case, damage done to gum tissue can be permanent, meaning addressing the issue as soon as possible is critical.

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Gum Recession Treatment without Grafting

Treating receding gums immediately upon diagnosis is the best way to stop further recession. Healthy gums are essential for a healthy mouth and healthy smile. Many patients are unaware their gums are recessing due to the slow development of gum damage. Untreated gum recession and permanent tissue loss may lead to requiring more invasive procedures such as gum grafting.

However, if gum recession is recognized in the early stages, and enough gum tissue remains to be stretched over the tooth roots, pinhole gum surgery may be an option. Restoring the gum line using the Pinhole Surgical Technique is done without using traditional blades or stitching, making it a minimally invasive technique for treating gum recession. At Stoner Periodontic Specialists, this procedure is the preferred method for treating receding gums and restoring healthy gum lines.

Performing the Pinhole Surgical Technique

The Pinhole Technique is preceded by a deep cleaning of the teeth and gums, after which a local anesthetic will be applied to numb the area or areas that will be worked on. When the gums are fully prepped, a tiny hole is made above the tooth or teeth where the gum line needs to be corrected. One hole can be used to correct the gum line of several teeth, unlike traditional procedures for gum recession.

A special instrument which was designed specifically for the Chao Pinhole Technique is inserted through this tiny opening and moved around gently to loosen the gum tissue. This gently separates the gum from its incorrect attachment to the teeth, and increases its elasticity.

Once the affected area of gum is released from the tooth and pliable, the tool is used to gently manipulate the gum line over the root of the tooth or teeth. When the gum line is even and covers the tooth root completely, it can be reattached to its new position.

Dr. Stoner uses the same tool and openings to insert collagen strips below the gums. These strips recreate the gums’ natural ability to stick to the tooth’s surface, and encourage the gum tissue to create more collagen while holding them in place. The tiny holes that were created for insertion of the tool for the procedure, and through which the collagen strips are placed, will heal and disappear within a day.

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Pinhole Technique vs Traditional Gum Grafting

Traditional gum grafting only allows a periodontist to work on 1 to 2 teeth simultaneously to correct receding gum line problems. This method requires the periodontist to make two incisions in the gum, and typical takes around 2 hours for the gum line of 1 or 2 teeth to be corrected. Recovery commonly takes weeks, and the patient’s ability to eat, drink, and speak normally is curtailed during recovery.

With the Pinhole Surgical Technique, Dr. Stoner can work on as many as 10-14 teeth at the same time with only a few small holes required, and it normally takes only a few minutes per tooth to straighten the gum line. Since there are no blades or sutures involved, this  procedure significantly shortens patients’ recovery times, often to less than a single day, and results are visible immediately.

Gum rejuvenation using the pinhole gum surgery costs the same as traditional gum surgery, but the results are incredibly better and achieved faster with a shorter healing time when the Pinhole Surgical Technique is used.

Find Out if You’re a Candidate for Gum Surgery

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