Pinhole Surgical Technique

Before and after from the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique showing extreme gum recession and an after picture showing the effectiveness of the Chao Pinhole Surgical TechniqueThe Pinhole Technique (also known as Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation, Chao Pinhole Technique and Pinhole Surgical Technique) is a revolutionary, effective and fast way for us, qualified periodontists, to correct gum line problems known as gum recession. Straightening gum lines using the Pinhole Surgical Technique is done without using scalpels, making incisions or placing sutures. It is a specialty dental procedure which should only be carried out by a board certified periodontist who has successfully completed the extra training to perform it. Dr. Jason Stoner of Stoner Periodontics Specialists is the only qualified and board certified periodontist in Columbus to offer this technique.

Gum Recession

There are multiple reasons that can cause receding gum lines including genetics or over brushing but most important is that the issue is addressed. Not only will comfort become an issue for a person with gum recession but eventually it can lead to possible tooth loss. Other side effects of a receding gum line include sensitivity to hot/cold, loss of a natural aesthetic smile, little protection over the exposed root of the tooth. Understanding when you have gum recession is the most important first step, then properly handling the periodontal condition with the right type of doctor is next. Please understand that this is a degenerative condition and your body will not be able to fix itself, it will only continue to decline, so the faster you see a board certified periodontist to fix the issue, the healthier your smile will become.

Performing The Pinhole Surgical Technique

The Pinhole Technique is done by first cleaning the teeth well and using local anesthetic to numb the area or areas that will be worked on. When the gums are ready, a small hole is made above the tooth or teeth where the gum line needs to be corrected. One hole can be used to correct the gum line of several teeth. A specialty instrument which was designed specifically for the Chao Pinhole Technique is then inserted into the hole or holes and moved around to loosen the gum tissue. Once this has been done the gum is simply manipulated into place as far as is necessary to ensure a straight gum line covering the root of the tooth using the same instrument. The last step in the Pinhole Technique gum alignment procedure is to insert collagen strips into the small holes that were made at the start of the process. The collagen keeps the gums in place and also assists them in producing their own collagen. The holes generally heal and disappear within a day.

Traditional gum grafting only allows a periodontist to work on 1 to 2 teeth simultaneously to correct receding gum line problems. It requires the periodontist to make 2 incisions in the gum, and typically it will take around 2 hours for the gum line of 1 or 2 teeth to be corrected. With the Pinhole Technique, we can work on as many as 10-14 teeth at the same time, while it will only take minutes per tooth to immediately straighten the gum line perfectly, again without any cutting or suturing found with the traditional gum grafting. Because the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique doesn’t involve invasive surgery or time-consuming, painstaking stitches, the procedure significantly improved patients recovery time to that of less than a day, while recovering from surgery can take weeks. Results are visible immediately and are sustained through proper care.

Gum rejuvenation using the Pinhole Technique costs around the same as traditional gum alignment and will have a range depending on the needs of the patient.
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