Frenectomy Cost

A frenectomy columbus oh may be one of the best values around when it comes to dentistry and improvements in your oral hygiene. The frenums are two very small pieces of soft tissue in your mouth. The labial frenum is found between your upper lip and your two front teeth. The lingual frenum is the tissue that is attached to your tongue and the floor of your mouth. If either is malformed, they can cause difficulties. A larger labial frenum can create a space between your front teeth resulting in orthodontic correction with braces. A shorter lingual frenum and you will have problems with certain speech patterns and even swallowing correctly. It will restrict the ability of an infant to extend the tongue properly and to cup the tongue to breast feed sufficiently. A frenectomy can correct both of these issues in less than an hour.

The Frenectomy Procedure

There are three methods in performing a frenectomy. The first and traditional method is to begin with a local anesthesia around the frenum. Then either the general dentist or an oral surgeon can use a small scalpel or knife to trim the excess tissue. Sutures will be used to at the surgery site and the procedure yields very little blood loss. A second method is to use a laser. The laser will both cut and coagulate the tissue at the same time eliminating the need for sutures. This method has no blood loss.

The final method is to use a heated electrode and burning the excess or abnormal tissue. Having thermal cautery also involves no blood loss.

The Range in Cost for a Frenectomy

As simple as the procedure is it still depends on the professional performing the procedure, the geographic market you are in, whether it is the upper or lower frenum, the method used, the age of the patient and the amount of tissue being removed. The cost can begin at $250 and jump to $2,400 based on any of the factors just listed. It appears that the majority of frenectomies range between $250 and $1200 giving us a national average of around $750.

The Recovery and the Benefits

The recovery time is between several days and a week depending on the method. You will be given some common-sense instructions to assist you or your child with the recovery. You will want to use a salt water gargle for a few days to keep away infection and you will want to consider the diet you will partake in. You might find hot spicy food uncomfortable until the frenum has healed.

This simple procedure can be done on any age of patient. An infant will immediately be able to enjoy the benefit of breast feeding properly. A teenager may not have to wear braces to correct the upper front teeth. An adult may find it easier to enunciate words and syllables as well as no longer struggle with something as natural as swallowing. If you question a frenum issue bring it to the attention of your family dentist.

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