Treatment for Periodontal Disease in Columbus, Ohio

Preventing, diagnosing and treating periodontal disease using laser therapy and gum tissue regeneration.

Did You Know:

  • There is a link between your oral and overall health.
  • People with diabetes or who smoke are significantly more likely to develop periodontal disease and result in tooth loss.
  • The plaque in your mouth has been found to clog arteries around your heart leading to heart disease and stroke.
  • Pre-term, low birth weight babies are more likely to occur in mothers with periodontal disease.
  • The bacteria that lead to gingivitis are the same bacteria that play an important role in heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Patients come to our office to save their teeth from periodontal disease. While the goal of every periodontist is hopefully to save your teeth, it is important that you know there are different philosophies on treating periodontal disease. Older treatment therapies would remove bone and gum to stop periodontal disease, usually resulting in painful root exposure and loose teeth. While some practitioners still employ these strategies to just halt periodontal disease, our commitment to you is to use therapies aimed at regenerating the tissues you have lost.

Regeneration is the process by which we are able to grow back the tissues lost through periodontal disease, like lost-bone, gum, and periodontal ligament, thereby restoring the beauty and function of your teeth and gums. What is probably of the greatest interest to you is that these regenerative procedures many times employ nonsurgical methods to accomplish their goals. Deep cleanings (scaling and root planing) or Laser Periodontal Therapy comprises the majority of the treatment in our office.

Patients benefit from our periodontal therapies because they are a more conservative, comfortable, successful and less expensive treatment. Regenerative measures can be taken in a number of ways, and which method is employed depends on the severity and presentation of the gum disease. Our goals when you finish treatment is to get you back to eating the foods you always enjoyed, giving you a smile that exhibits great confidence and having a mouth that is pain and disease free.

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