The main goal of gingival recontouring is primarily cosmetic:

  • Repairing a “gummy” smile, in which the gums come too far down on the teeth
  • Making the gum line more uniform, and fixing any irregularities in the gums
  • Reducing the size of swollen gums

These gum irregularities can be caused by heredity, health conditions, or some common high blood pressure medications.

Gingival Recontouring Procedure

First, the periodontist will numb the gum tissue with a local anesthetic. Once the gums are numb, a laser or a surgical knife will be used to cut the gums and remove the excess gum tissue, where needed. The procedure is generally painless due to the anesthetic.

Afterwards, the gums may feel swollen or sore. Patients often find that Ibuprofen helps to reduce any temporary discomfort, and that they can return to everyday activities right away.

Schedule a Gingival Recontouring with Stoner Periodontic Specialists

Dr. Jason C. Stoner and Dr. Daniel Murphy perform gingival recontouring at their Dublin and New Albany offices in Columbus, Ohio. Please call (614) 889-8222 ‎or click here to schedule an online appointment.

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