Gum Disease Patient Testimonial: Periodontal Laser Therapy

Betsy was referred to Stoner Periodontic Specialists by her general dentist because she was suffering from gum disease and pressure in her sinuses. Dr. Stoner determined that Betsy needed laser periodontal therapy to remove the bacteria and diseased tissue causing her gum disease.

Gum Disease Patient Testimonial: Gingival Graft Treatment

Cindy is a gum disease patient of Dr. Stoner’s from Hilliard, Ohio who was suffering from a severe case of gum recession. Cindy decided to come to Stoner Periodontic Specialists when her gum recession became too painful and she was suffering from lots of sensitivity in around her teeth. Dr. Stoner used dermis tissue for Cindy’s gingival (gum) graft instead of her own tissue because there were so many teeth that needed to be fixed.

Gum Disease Patient Testimonial: Laser Periodontal Therapy

Carol is a 71 year old patient of Stoner Periodontic Specialists in Columbus, Ohio. She was referred to Dr. Stoner by her dentist because she was suffering from gum recession and had developed very deep pockets in her gums. Due to her gum disease, her gums were starting to pull away from the tooth, letting bacteria come in contact with the bone. During her laser periodontal therapy, Carol experienced no pain and didn’t use any sedation. She wanted to see what was going on!

Dr. Stoner introduced me to a new procedure called PerioLase. I can honestly say that I have not felt this pain-free while eating in several years. I literally owe my smile to this new technology. I highly recommend this option to anyone who finds themselves in the very unpleasant position of being a candidate for this procedure. I am a believer.

Mike R.

I was referred to Stoner Periodontic Specialists last year when I began experiencing some bleeding from my gums. After I was able to schedule an appointment immediately and from the start the process was seamless. Stoner Periodontics is on the cutting edge of technology and my treatment was done with a new laser that eliminated the need for traditional surgery. This allowed for not only a virtually painless treatment but a speedy recovery as well.

I would recommend Stoner Periodontics for any work you need done regardless of how major.”

Perry P.