Stoner Periodontic Specialists uses dental cone beam imaging, which provides advanced dental images for patient diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Stoner and Dr. Murphy use this cutting-edge technology to view 3D images of a patient’s mouth.

Dental cone beam imaging has many advantages. Dental cone beam tomography exposes a patient to 10 times less radiation than traditional imaging methods. The 3D images provided by the technology allow dentists to see a full view of the mouth, including jawbone and gum tissue, so procedures can be planned precisely. The images allow for safer, less invasive dental procedures with faster healing time.

Dr. Stoner and Dr. Murphy are two of the few dentists who use dental cone beam imaging in central Ohio. The technology is extremely useful in placing dental implants and treating periodontal disease and is regarded as “the standard of care” for dental implant procedures by the Academy of Osseointegration.