The Use of Plasma-Rich Growth Factors (PRGF) in Periodontal Surgery

Stoner Periodontic Specialists, Inc. is committed to offering the most innovative methods for periodontal surgical procedures. Scientific advancements have enabled us to improve upon the body’s own healing process as it generates both hard and soft tissue post-operatively, through plasma-rich growth factors, commonly referred to as PRGF.

During the healing process, the body releases a number of proteins into the blood called growth factors. Growth factors promote healing by signaling the body to reproduce the exact cells needed to heal and repair the treated area. In addition, growth factors regulate the complex interactions between cells and ensure each step in the healing process is completed in the correct order.

After any routine periodontal surgery procedure, patients typically “feel” healed within 24-72 hours; however, the body generally requires weeks or even months to be considered fully repaired. During the healing process the body is restoring blood vessels, soft tissue, and bone to the surgical site. If the periodontist is rebuilding large areas of missing soft tissue or bone, plasma-rich growth factors greatly enhance the body’s own ability to generate and replace the missing tissue in less time.

A simple method of collecting the patient’s own growth factors can be conveniently done in our office. The doctor can collect an optimal amount of growth factors in less than 15 minutes on the day of the procedure by simply drawing the patient’s blood.

We highly recommend plasma-rich growth factors for the following procedures:

  • Multiple Implants
  • Gingival Grafting
  • Direct Sinus Lifts
  • Ridge Augmentation/Bone Grafting

Clinical Advantages of plasma-rich growth factors:

  1. Enhance Healing and Growth of Tissue
  2. Achieve Optimal Healing in Less Time
  3. Predictable Healing Results

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    I appreciate all the wonderful people at Dr. Stoner's office. I believe everyone there is committed to my well being.-Dimitry F.

    Dr. Stoner and his team do excellent work. I've had several gum grafts done, which was pretty painless for the most part, and the healing went well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and use him again if the need ever arose. -Kara C.

    I dreaded my visit for 3 extractions and 2 implants plus laser treatment. However, the visit and procedures went VERY smoothly and 12 hours later I had nearly no pain and no swelling. They should be called "magicians" as well as peridontists. I simply cannot say enough positive about my experience so far -- it's been great. -Cynthia G.

    I had laser gum surgery with Stoner and found the team to be very professional and caring Joanne S.

    Dr. Stoner and his team are friendly, professional and have a strong 'patient first' approach.-C. Elizabeth S.

    Dr. Stoner did a great job with my gum surgery. I highly recommend his office for perio procedures. I could not be happier with my results. -John S.

    The work done was the final piece of fixing my smile. I had an implant placed and a gingival and bone graft. He did excellent work! I will definitely recommend them! Wtuscherer T.

    Happy that I didn't give up trying to find their office! My experience so far has been as pleasant as a visit to the dentist can be - very wonderful, friendly office personel who even give you cookies if you are good. Dr. Stoner was exceptional. Joanne S.

    Dr. Stoner and his staff were wonderful. Every question was answered ahead of time, long before the surgery. I even got a refund, because I was short a tooth! -Melissa M.

    The entire team at Stoner Periodontic Specialists was professional and courteous. They used the highest quality implant materials since I am allergically sensitive to most metals. The entire team was there for me during and after the procedure was completed. I highly recommend them.-Lisa G.

    The professionals at Stoner Periodontics were the best Meredith J.

    Dr. Stoner's Office, along with all of his incredibly skilled and professional staff are fantastic. They all make you feel as if you are "one of the family" and whether you are there to have a procedure done or a simple consultation, they cater to you every need. Thank you for such a positive dental experience! -Andres B.

    Had my final two implants placed last Monday. Procedure went well with minimal pain and minimal swelling. Staff were very patient and knowledgeable. Doctor was very professional. Could not have asked for better service. Ellen C.-

    The team at Dr Stoner's were extremely patient and made me feel comfortable for my tissue graft consult. They were very nice and definitely would recommend their office. -Josh J.

    There is nothing exciting about going to a periodontist, but Dr. Stoner and his staff make it as easy as they possibly can. Everyone is caring and the follow-up is great. I cannot say enough about the excellent caring and concern that Dr. Stoner and his staff have for their patients Tesh G.

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